wwdc2012 facetime and Safari

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"Next is FaceTime." 

"It only works over Wi-Fi... so what happens when there isn't Wi-Fi? In iOS 6 we're enabling Facetime over cellular."

wwdc2012 3D map,Goodbye, Google Maps.

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"Goodbye, Google Maps."

wwdc2012 Siri and iOS6

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"I'm happy to announce iOS 6."

 "iOS 6 is a fantastic release. It has more than 200 new features, starting with Siri."

"Siri has only been out 8 months, and it does so much for you. Siri is fantastic. But she's been studying up. Here's what she can do in iOS 6."

wwdc2012 OSX 新系統功能介紹

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    "AirPlay, without hacks. " apple 工程師 Craig Federighi 如此說著

    And now we're here to announce Mountain Lion.

We're improving our Chinese input method. Providing a new Chinese dictionary. In Safari, we're adding support for Baidu."

Macbook pro wwdc2012發表會

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    Macbook pro wwdc2012發表會 傳聞中的新機也終於正式登場,apple以'There's never been a notebook this gorgeous. Let's turn it around.'稱呼他.....

    "It's thinner than my finger"

    "There's never been a notebook this gorgeous. Let's turn it around."