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    "AirPlay, without hacks. " apple 工程師 Craig Federighi 如此說著

    And now we're here to announce Mountain Lion.

We're improving our Chinese input method. Providing a new Chinese dictionary. In Safari, we're adding support for Baidu."

"Finally, for those of you who buy a new Mac, your upgrade is free. And today devs get access to a near-final preview."

"Almost all of our users are running iOS 5... now if you compare that to the competition. They released a dairy product, 4.0, about the same time as we released iOS 5. About 7% of their users are running it." 

“下一步是Twitter。我們集成Twitter的直接進入的iOS 5。他們已經看到了在iOS 3倍的增長增加。”

"140 million iMessage users"
"150 billion messages sebt"
"1 billion per day"

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